Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cappuccino Buzz Bombe

Welcome to Tasty Tuesday! Every Tuesday, we will feature a tasty treat that we have for sale in our retail store. We are known for our cakes, but we have so many delicious, beautiful desserts and pastries that it's a shame not to share them as well!

Today's tasty feature is the Cappuccino Buzz Bombe!

The Cappuccino Buzz Bombe comes in individual serving sizes and in a 6 inch size that feeds 6-8. This dense chocolate cake is soaked in coffee and is layered with both cappuccino and vanilla mousses. This delicious, dome-shaped dessert is then covered in chocolate ganache and decorated with a buttercream design and chocolate nibs. The larger version is also decorated with chocolate cigarettes.

Trust us, this decadent dessert is even more delicious than it is beautiful! Stop by the store to purchase one of our individual sized desserts, or order the larger version for your favorite chocolate lover's birthday or a special event!

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