Sunday, August 16, 2009

In Store Demonstration

Every Sunday, we plan to feature a series that we like to call Sundays with the Chef! We will share photos of events that Chef & Owner, Kristen Repa, participates in, as well as posts about her background in the industry, what kinds of cakes she loves to create, what she finds most challenging, and lots more!

So to kick off Sundays with the Chef today, we're going to share some photos of the free in-store cake decorating demonstration Kristen gave today!

Making penguins out of rolled chocolate!

Decorating a cake with snowflakes.

Demonstrating spinning the cake while frosting.

Hand piping buttercream sunflowers.

Adding a rolled chocolate bow to the top of a cake!

Explaining to the girls how important it is to pay attention in
math class if they want to be cake decorators!

Adding the rolled chocolate band.

Adding some buttercream daisies.

Some of the finished creations!

For more information on upcoming demonstrations and classes, please visit our website or sign up for our newsletter!

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