Wednesday, February 29, 2012

6 More Weeks of Winter?

Not at Dessert Works!

Snow might be in the forecast for Boston, but here at Dessert Works we're getting ready for the Springtime season! Put a spring in your step and pop on in to see our new items arriving daily or order a cake for that special Spring shindig! A new menu will spring up before you know it, so check here again soon!

Dolce de Leche! Yum!

Chocolate Flourless Almond Cake! So tasty!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

How high is your heel?

High-heeled shoes are not a modern fancy.  In fact, heels have been "in vogue" since as long ago as Ancient Egypt and Greece!  Here at Dessert Works, we're proud to say that the history of the high-heeled shoe has taken a sweet turn - into cake!  Whether it's stiletto-tall or demurely-small, the heel is here to stay in the land of chocolate and frosting!  And now, a few pictures to drool over....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Welcome Baby Poppy!

Something sweet has been baking at Dessert Works....
Nine months Kristen and Leo have waited
She's finally here, their newest sweet treat
An adorable baby girl created!

Born January 30th, two thousand and twelve,
With an angel's face and persona...
We now introduce to the world and to you,
Penelope Repa Savona! 

Leonardo with little Poppy
Beautiful Kristen with daughter Poppy

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Copy an Invitation!

What better way to make your party perfect than to have the cake match the invitation match the decorations, etc?  Today we'd like to feature a few "Invitation Copy" cakes we've done.  Whether it's a wedding, baptism, birthday, or Mitzvah, no invitation is too tough to match!

Cakes for Twins that match the adorable plate provided for us by the customer!

Custom christening cake for Tyler

Summer Barbeque? Why not a 3-D grill to match your invite?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Day Menu!!

It's February and it's that time again: when red and pink go well together, when chocolate is ALWAYS a good thing, and when expressing your love is natural, expected, and welcome! In light of this season of love, what better way to celebrate it than with Dessert Works' fabulous array of seasonal treats?  From Red Velvet to Cheesecake, Apple tarts to Chocolate, nothing says "I Love You" like something sweet!

Valentine's Day Cake for Two! (Chocolate Raspberry shown)

Valentine’s Cake for Two     $13.50

Back by popular demand - the cake that put Dessert Works on the map!  A generous single layer of our rich chocolate cake covered with chocolate ganache & topped with a heart-shaped layer of your choice, either:  chocolate mousse covered in Milk Chocolate OR raspberry mousse covered in White chocolate. Each heart-shaped dessert is decorated with a buttercream flower, & any one of an assortment of “sweetheart” sayings such as: “Be Mine”, “Kiss Me”, or “I Love You”.

Tiny Temptations

©       Heart Shaped Shortbread Cookies    $2.50 each
                             -- colorfully hand-decorated  
©       Mini Red Velvet Lollipops       $1.85 each
       -- this classic cake flavor is scarlet in color, & filled with our rich cream  cheese frosting then dipped in chocolate ganache to make it irresistible! 
©       Mini cheesecake Lollipops $2.25 each        
                      -- our  irresistible vanilla cheesecake dipped in chocolate ganache                                                    
            ©       Mini Pastries  $1.50 each
       -- popular varieties available, like fresh cannoli made to order, milky way tarts, opera
torts, ├ęclair & fruit tarts 
©       Full-size cupcakes          $2.25 each
                        --- available in your choice of Vanilla or Chocolate cake and topped with
                  mini heart shaped confetti and your choice of Vanilla or Chocolate Buttercream              
©       Red Velvet Cupcakes        $2.50  each
                                 -- This classic cake flavor is scarlet in color, accented with just enough chocolate
                   to make it irresistible, and topped with our delicious melt-in-your mouth vanilla buttercream frosting
©       Red Velvet Individual Dessert          $4.25 each    
                          -- This heart shaped, scarlet tinted, moist cake is layered with cream cheese                                                        frosting and sits atop a thin chocolate cookie. Glazed in chocolate ganache
©       Champagne & Raspberry Individual Dessert   (see description below)          $4.00 each
©       Chocolate Raspberry Blush Individual Dessert (see Chocolate Raspberry Roulade description)     $3.75 each 
©       Apple Heart Tart Individual Dessert   (see description below)         $3.75 each
©       Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Please pre-order.                     $1.75 each
                    Fresh and juicy strawberries  dipped in Callebault chocolate & drizzled with white chocolate.           
                       (Strawberries are not long stemmed.  )


 6” serves 4 – 8    $25,  8”serves 8 – 12    $34,   10” serves 15 – 20    $48

             ©        Champagne & Raspberry Torte – light vanilla chiffon cake layered with fresh raspberries & champagne mousse.  Finished in our vanilla meringue buttercream, with raspberry mirror glaze & festive white chocolate adornments.

Also Available

©        Apple Heart Tart–  8”  only - $15
A flaky-buttery pie filled with hand-peeled, sweet apples and finished with a heart motif top crust.  Serve warm or at room temperature. Serves 8-10.
©        Chocolate Raspberry Roulade–  16” size  only - $18
Our moist chocolate cake filled with creamy dark chocolate mousse, and rolled to form a log.  Finished with Raspberry mousse, fresh raspberries, and a dusting of sweet cocoa powder. Serves 8-16.
Red Velvet Heart Individual Dessert
Champagne and Raspberry Individual Dessert
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