Sunday, August 23, 2009

A little about us!

Welcome back to Sundays with the Chef! Today, we are going to share with you a little bit about how our products are made and the standards we have set for ourselves here at Dessert Works.

All of our cakes and desserts are made with all natural ingredients and are trans fat free. We use real butter - never shortening - fresh premium fruit and real vanilla. All of the ingredients that go into our creations are the freshest, highest quality ingredients we can find.

In addition, our cakes, mousses, buttercream frosting, cookies, desserts etc. are all hand-made, right here in our kitchen. Our kitchen staff are a highly trained and extremely talented group of individuals. They take great pride in their creations, and with every single cake, they set out to create something that is not only beautiful but also a delicious dessert that you and your guests will love!

Our retail staff also pride themselves on their customer service skills. Whether you come into our retail store or call us, you will always be greeted with a smile or a friendly voice. They are more than happy to help you decide on your cake design or flavor, to make sure you know how to properly travel with and serve your cake, or to help you make that tough decision between the Classic Chocolate Mousse cake and the Strawberries & Cream cake!

Our staff in the Wedding Sales Department will also go above and beyond to help you create your dream wedding cake! All you have to do is call us to set up a complimentary tasting and design consultation. We'll schedule an appointment, sit down with you in our Bridal Suite and help you figure out every detail of your wedding cake. Our goal is to create a cake that looks spectacular but is also a delicious dessert to serve your guests on your very special day!

For more information on Dessert Works Bakery, please visit our website or sign up for our newsletter!

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