Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stanley Cup Wedding!!

What a fun wedding!!

Bradley and Kevin made a bet back in December... if the Bruins won the playoffs, then the wedding cake would be a Stanley Cup.  Flash forward to August ...  :)

We started off designing a Stanley Cup "inspired" wedding cake that still had the look of a traditional, tiered cake. Ultimately though, the CUP design won out!!

This cake featured vanilla buttercream frosting and design work (a variation on Dessert Works's Wallace Scroll design), with white rolled chocolate crossed hockey sticks and detailing to create the wedding-version of the cup.

Can't wait to hear what the couple thought of the finished product!!  Go Bs!!!!


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  1. Wow just seeing this - our cake was amazing!! It filled the "Stanley Cup" requirement while still looking so elegant and bridal - Thank you so much! We LOVED it!



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