Saturday, August 20, 2011

Edible images on a wedding cake!

We loved Kendra and Mike's thoughtful idea for a truly personalized wedding cake.  They decided to treat their wedding cake like a photo album, and to decorate it (literally) with memories of times shared together!

Each picture on the cake was printed in black and white as an edible image on sugar paper, then cut to size, applied on the cake, and "framed" in vanilla buttercream.  On the alternating tiers, the couple opted for Dessert Works' Wallace Scroll design in white to contrast and set apart the photograph tiers.

The bride's flowers included fuchsia Gerbera Daises, which Dessert Works created in edible form from buttercream for the cake's top bouquet.  Their honeymoon cake even included miniaturized versions of the pictures!  For an event that is a celebration of the couple and their relationship, how much more fitting could this design be.  Our best to the happy couple!

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