Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rolled Chocolate vs Edible Image

When creating a custom cake based on a particular image or invitation, there are two different techniques we can use. Today for Sundays with the Chef, we are showing you examples of both techniques so that you can see the difference.

The first way we can go about this is to create the image by hand out of rolled chocolate. We call this technique rolled chocolate applique.
On the cake above, the scene itself is created out of buttercream. The children in Halloween costumes were then created by hand, out of rolled chocolate and the details were added by hand in buttercream.

The other way would be to use an edible image. The exact image is scanned into a machine and printed out with edible ink, on edible paper. The images are then cut out and applied to a rolled chocolate backing.
You can see on the cake above that the same background scene was created out of buttercream on the cake. The edible images were then added to the scene.

So the next time you have a specific image you want added to a cake, you know the difference between your 2 options when we tell you we can use rolled chocolate applique or an edible image.

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