Friday, January 14, 2011


Today's Featured Friday cake was actually a wedding cake and it has a very special story behind it! Julia & Nigel were married on October 29th. Since this was a second marriage for both of them, they decided that the wedding would be all about them. They got married on a Friday afternoon, and they shared a wedding lunch of this cake and a bottle of champagne!

You may be wondering why a bed as a wedding cake. Or maybe you have your own idea as to why...but you're probably guessing wrong. Today, we're going to let Julia explain her wedding cake to you in her own words.
"My husband and I have similar plain tastes and we are all about neutral geometrics in our interior choices. As much as we talk about getting a bright and exciting bedding we always end up with a black-grey-off-white checkerboard pattern. So we now literally have a few matching sets of bedding that look like the cake you've made...I actually sent you a picture of the very bedding set from Ikea we've been addicted to for the past 3 years... We laugh about it and yet we cannot help ourselves...
This cake is what we are all about...our love for chocolate and simplicity!
We go to bed every night, look at our ever so consistent bedding and think back to our wedding day..."
Congratulations Julia & Nigel and thank you for letting us create your special and unique wedding cake!

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