Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Tech Savy Bride

Today's bride uses the internet quite a bit in her planning, from just looking for ideas, to checking out vendor websites and even contacting potential vendors. While it may seem quicker and more convenient to send an email from work than to make a phone call, it can also take more time in the long run! Today, we have some quick tips for streamlining communication with potential wedding vendors!

Tip #1 - Be Specific!
Whether you're requesting information or trying to schedule an appointment, give all the important information and be specific! Be sure to include your first and last name, phone number, wedding date, venue, and the approximate number of guests you think you'll be expecting. Trying to schedule an appointment? Include what days and times tend to work best for you. Looking for information? Tell the vendor specifically what you'd like information about (cakes, cupcakes, pricing, flavors etc.) This will save you a lot of back and forth in your email communications.

Tip #2 - Check Your Junk Mail!
If this is a vendor you have not communicated with via email before, always check your junk mail! Your junk mail filter may see their response to you as junk when you are waiting on that information. And once you do have their email address, add them to your safe senders list so that you don't have to worry about their emails going to junk mail in the future!

Tip #3 - Don't expect that you can do everything through email!
Granted, there is a lot you can do through email and it can be a great place to start! But often a quick chat on the phone and meeting in person are also very important. Certain details can be communicated through facial expressions and body language even. These wedding professionals have met with many brides and may be able to pick up on questions you didn't think to ask or potential issues that may concern you by hearing your voice or sitting down with you at an appointment.

Tip #4 - Always include your wedding date!
So you've booked a vendor and are just emailing with a quick question. They have your name from your email, but make sure to include your wedding date as well! Many wedding vendors organize their brides by wedding date, and this simply allows them to find your information and respond to your question quicker! (Mailing a check for payment? Be sure to include your wedding date on the check as well!)

We hope these quick email tips are helpful and that you have successful and efficient email communication with vendors in the future!

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