Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Petite Pink Flowers

We love the vertical pleating and tiny pink flowers on today's featured wedding cake!

However, this photo also allows us the opportunity to introduce you to our Honeymoon Cakes!

With any wedding cake we create that is 3 tiers or larger, we provide a complimentary Honeymoon Cake. This tiny replica of whatever your wedding cake looks like is our alternative to the old tradition of saving the top tier for your first anniversary. The Honeymoon Cake comes in a clear, acrylic box that you can stick right in your freezer and save for your first anniversary! You can even eat it on your wedding night or when you come back from your honeymoon if you can't wait that long!

Though you get a complimentary Honeymoon Cake with your wedding cake, you can also order individual Honeymoon Cakes for purchase, designed to your specifications, as wedding or shower favors!

The photos above are just a few examples of Honeymoon Cake designs that we have created here at Dessert Works. Contact us today to order your Honeymoon Cakes as favors, or to set up a complimentary tasting and design consultation, to have your wedding cake created by the Dessert Works cake artists!

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