Thursday, April 7, 2011

Passover & Easter Specials

Passover Specials

Dessert Works uses old world recipes to create flourless items for the Passover season.
Although not traditional Passover desserts, they are perfect for your
celebration, as they contain no wheat.

*Flourless Chocolate Cake*
9” serves 12-16 $30
Dense chocolate cake covered in chocolate ganache
& decorated with white chocolate adornments.

*Lemon Almond Tart *
 8” serves approximately 8. $21
Light, and tart, this chiffon style lemon cream fills a tender
 toasted almond crust, accented with lemon curd and fresh whipped cream.

*Chocolate Almond Cake*
6” square only, serves 6-8 $21
Almond cake layered with chocolate mousse &
chocolate ganache,accented with a hint of apricot.

*Coconut Macaroons *
$6.25/dozen or $10.50/dozen chocolate dipped.

*Key Lime Tart*  
 8” serves 6-8 $21      10” serves 10-12 $27
Classic key lime filling in a macadamia nut, coconut & candied
ginger crust, decorated with fresh whipped cream.

*Walnut Crusted Ricotta Cheesecake*
6” serves 4-8 $19
From a classic family recipe, ricotta cheese is used in this decadent
cheesecake accented with orange . A layer of Mejol date
puree & walnut brown sugar crust with whipped cream to finish.

*Raspberry Pavlova* 8” serves 6-10 $23
3 Fluffy layers of meringue, layered with Raspberry mousse,
finished with fresh berries & whipped cream.

Easter Specials

Chocolate Easter Egg Cake
8” serves 10-15 $36
Our classic chocolate mousse cake covered in chocolate
Ganache , decorated festively with flowers & filigree.

Raspberry Bunny Cake
8” serves 10-12 $32
Vanilla chiffon cake in the shape of a bunny filled
raspberry mousse & finished in vanilla meringue
buttercream & white chocolate.

Lemon Layer cake
 6” (serves 4-8) $22 8” (serves 8-12) $30
Vanilla chiffon cake layered with fresh tart lemon curd and creamy
lemon mousse, finished in vanilla buttercream with spring flowers.

Carrot Cake
 6” (serves 4-8) $25 8” (serves 8-12) $34
Traditional carrot cake with sweetened cream cheese filling.
Finished in vanilla buttercream.

Specialty Desserts
Strawberry Mousse Roulade
16” only, serves 8-10 $18
Vanilla chiffon cake and strawberry mousse
 rolled up like a swiss roll, perfect for slicing.
Finished with fresh berries & fresh whipped cream.

Pies 9” (one size only) serves 6 to 8 generously, up to 12
Like all of our desserts are, pies are made fresh, by hand, from scratch, using premium ingredients

Blueberry Pie ( double crust) $15

Peaches & Cream Pie $16.50cheesecake batter makes the “cream” in this pie, layered

with peaches, topped with brown sugar oatmeal crumble.

Cookies & Cupcakes

Decorated Holiday Cookies $2.50 each.
Seasonal shapes such as butterflies, flowers, bunnies, and more..
Decorated in royal icing frosting.

Sugar Cookies $6.75 per dozen
Buttery sugar cookies in springtime shapes, decorated with sugar.

Individual Bunny Cupcakes - $3.25 each.
Chocolate or vanilla cupcake decorated as an Easter bunny.

To Guarantee selection for Passover

place your order by :   Thursday 4/14
We will be OPEN Monday 4/18 (10- 4)

To Guarantee selection for Easter
place your order by:  Tuesday 4/19
We will be CLOSED Sunday 4/24

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