Saturday, December 1, 2012

Winter Menu Items

Maple pumpkin mousse cake

Moist, tender pumpkin cake layered with maple mousse. Finished in vanilla buttercream and decorated with a buttercream hollyberry wreath design.
6" ... $22.00
8" ... $30.00
10" ... $40.00

Caramel apple cake

Vanilla chiffon cake layered with creamy caramel mousse and fresh, sliced apples, seasoned with cinnamon and ginger, decorated with a buttercream hollyberry wreath design. Our winter version of the "Fresh Strawberries and Cream" cake.
6” ... $25.00
8” ... $34.00
10” ... $48.00

Dark chocolate buche noel

Caramel apple cake
A traditional holiday favorite “Yule Log.” Classic chocolate mousse cake rolled and decorated with chocolate buttercream, meringue mushrooms, candy holly berries, and leaves. Dusted in sugar snow. Two sizes available:

Large (serves 16-20) ... $39.50
Small (serves 8-10) ... $ 22.00. Small size is finished in ganache instead of buttercream, and decorated with a chocolate buttercream pinecone.


Vanilla genoise cake brushed with espresso and rum, and filled with sweetened mascarpone cream. Decorated with chocolate shavings and fresh whipped cream.
16”x4” “log," serves 8-10 ... $25.00

Mum's English trifle cake

Kids and adults alike will enjoy this festive and fruity dessert. A spin on my Mum’s traditional recipe. Light sponge cake layered with seedless raspberry preserves line the outside of a cake that is layered with peaches, strawberries and pears barely set in berry jello, topped with vanilla custard, fresh whipped cream, and chocolate shavings ... yum!
6” (serves 4-6) ... $22.00
8” (serves 8-10) ... $30.00

Gingerbread roulade

This delicious, tender gingerbread cake is filled with light and fluffy cream cheese filling, then rolled to create the roulade. Garnished with fresh whipped cream and confectioner’s sugar.
16” (one size only; serves 8-16) ... $20.00

German gingerbread Christmas log

Our delicious gingerbread roulade cake, filled with light and fluffy cream cheese filling, then rolled into a log and glazed in dark chocolate ganache. Decorated with buttercream “holly berry” motif.
16” (one size only; serves 8-16 ... $25.00

Apple strudel

Fresh golden delicious apples with plump golden raisins baked in flaky puff pastry.
12” (serves 6-10) ... $21.00

Eggnog cheesecake

Vanilla cheesecake accented with rum, cinnamon, and nutmeg, with a graham cracker crust. Decorated with a fresh whipped cream and buttercream “holly berry” design
6” (serves 4-8) ... $21.00
8” (serves 8-12) ... $30.00
10” (serves 16-20) ... $38.00

Rustic apple tart

A deep-dish tart brimming generously with fresh locally grown apples topped with brown sugar oatmeal streusel crumble.
9” (one size only; serves up to 16) ... $18.50

Pear and cranberry galette

A free-form tart filled with crimson cranberries and pears mellowed with a sweetened cream filling and baked inside a flaky crust.
9” (one size only, serves up to 16) ... $18.50

Gingerbread roulade

Dense chocolate cake covered in chocolate ganache and decorated with white chocolate adornments.
9” (one size only; serves 12-16) ... $30.00

Holiday cookie platter

Our delicious holiday cookies are the perfect festive gift for a holiday party. Buttery and full of flavor, these beauties disappear quickly! Prices vary by variety; we can make various sized trays and assortments.
About $10.00 per pound

Gingerbread houses

Caramel apple cake
Ready to decorate: includes all the candy you need, plus icing! Please order early -- once we're sold out, we're out!

Small (measures 6"x6"x6") ... $19.00
Large (measures 9"x11"x7") ... $40.00

Gingerbread men

Decorate your own gingerbread men set: includes 6 large cookies plus icing$9.50
Also Available: fresh fruit tarts, keylime tarts ... and much more! See the complete menu.
Before placing your order, please inform your server if someone in your party has a food allergy.

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