Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Creative ways to personalize your cake

It is a few days before your loved ones birthday or anniversary, and you want to give them a beautiful cake that is as unique as they are, without breaking the bank. Dessert Works has the answer: wedding design work. Our decorators create these exquisite patterns that adorn the sides of our cakes. Not only do they add a custom look to your cake, they are a cost effective way to create the perfect cake for your event. Additionally many of our designs can be added to next day cakes. We encourage you to take a peek through our galleries and see how wedding design work can add a custom touch to your next cake.

Duck Design Work

Rolled Chocolate Dancing Hearts Wedding Design Work
Florentine Scroll Wedding Design Work
Lily of the Valley Wedding Design Work
Vienna Waltz Wedding Design Work
Interlocking Scroll Design Work

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