Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year with Tea & Champagne!

Sigh.  In this last week of the Official Holiday Season, it's time to relax and recuperate before 2012.  In that spirit, we'd like to feature a few cakes to put you at ease as well as introduce our Winter Seasonal Cake Flavor!

What better way to relax than with Tea?  Whether it's Black Tea or Herbal, a steaming pot of tea is a must-have on wintry nights -- unless it's made of chocolate and cake, then it's a must-have ANY day of the year!  Here are two teapot cakes we've made in the past for your enjoyment.  Wait, do I hear the kettle whistling?

Beautiful flower-filled teapot on Pink Tablecloth
Handmade 3-D rolled Chocolate Teapot and Doily
And finally, I'd like to welcome back our Winter Seasonal Cake Flavor: Champagne Raspberry!  Our Vanilla Chiffon cake filled with a delicious champagne mousse and fresh raspberries.  Available to order in any size, or to pick-up in our store in 6", 8", or 10".  Please call for availability and pricing, and have a Happy New Year!
Shown: 6" and 8" sizes

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