Thursday, October 13, 2011

Board Games!

On a day like today when the weather is wet and cold, nothing beats a board game, maybe some hot chocolate, and your favorite music.  Who doesn't LOVE board games?  Life, Monopoly, Clue, Sorry, Scrabble, Star Wars Epic Duels....and so many more!  Now, for any lover of board games, what could be better than a Board Game cake?!  While browsing though our portfolio I found several different board game cakes we've created in the past.  Kind of made me want to play them all!  So on this rainy Thursday, enjoy! (And maybe even break out the Yahtzee!)

Cranium anyone?

Who's up for a game of scrabble?  I hope you don't have hippopotomonstrosesquippediliophobia (a fear of long words).....

This cake just begs to be played! 
I hope everyone who attended Zach's Bar Mitzvah got a chance to roll the dice and pass Go!

And finally, just to shake things up and prove that a board game cake doesn't need to be rectangular....
Check out this CandyLand cake we donated to a Pitching in for Kids fundraiser!
(Be mindful not to drool on your keyboard....)

Do you have a loved board game that could become your next party's biggest hit?  Give us a call today and let's make your event a showstopper! 781-708-9088

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