Friday, July 22, 2011

When to Book a Wedding Cake Vendor?

The Knot says 6-8 months.
WeddingWire says 6 months. says 6 months.
When is really enough time??

To be honest: it's hard to be overly precise, since different seasons and dates are busier than others.  Spring and Summer everyone's hoping for a blue sky day, winter weddings are enchanting, and in New England with our beautiful fall foliage, autumn weddings are in high demand.

At Dessert Works, our availability is based our capacity (how many other weddings do we have on the docket for your desired date?)  Remember: we make everything fresh, and everything is made on-site.  We would never freeze a wedding cake to increase our capacity.  This means two things:
  1. You're lucky, because your cake will taste incredible! (It will literally have been made in the days leading up to your wedding).  But also:
  2. We have limited capacity!  You may be surprised by this, but we're not super-human. :) There are only so many hours in a day.  Because we're making everything in the days leading up, it's possible that we can completely book up for a weekend. Once we've reached capacity (which itself depends on the number of cakes, size of cakes, and intricacy of decor on the cakes booked to date) -- we have to black out the weekend.
6 months is generally a safe enough time that you won't encounter black-out weekends, but we can never say for certain.

Remember you do NOT need to have a cake design finalized in order to book Dessert Works!  We can make changes to your design up until 2 weeks before the wedding.  Booking us really just means your date is locked, and you can sit back and relax knowing you'll have a beautiful, delicious, fresh cake waiting to wow your guests on wedding day.

Do you have a friend with a wedding coming up?  Are they cutting it close to the wedding date?  Call the bakery at 781-708-9088 to schedule your tasting appointment!  Nothing like something sweet to take the edge of planning.

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