Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gingerbread House Kits!

Looking for a fun holiday activity for the kids? Decorating gingerbread houses is always a hit, and you can get a complete kit, with an already assembled house, right here at Dessert Works!

Our gingerbread houses are baked and assembled here on-site so they are ready for you to decorate. The kit includes all the candy you could need plus icing! The houses also come in 2 different sizes.

Small (6"x6"x6") - $18
Large (9"x11"x7") - $36

Stop by the store today to pick one up and then get decorating!

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  1. I purchased Dessert Works' gingerbread houses for my kids last year and already bought them again this year. They have so much fun decorating them, everything is included and I don't have to sit there struggling, trying to put them together.


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