Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fondant vs. Rolled Chocolate

With the multitude of cake decorating shows and cake competitions on television, just about everyone has heard of fondant. If you haven't heard of it, it is basically a sugar dough product that is rolled out and used to decorate cakes.

Since everyone sees fondant used on television, when they request it used on their cake, they are surprised to learn that we generally do not use fondant here at Dessert Works. Instead, we use rolled white chocolate, also known as modeling chocolate.

Essentially, the rolled chocolate creates the same look as fondant. However, if you have ever tasted fondant, you know that it does not taste very good. We can make the rolled chocolate any color we want, it gives the same appearance and it tastes a lot better!

Even though the fact that the rolled chocolate tastes better is important to us, that is not the main reason why we use it! Chef Kristen Repa also finds the rolled chocolate easier to work with. When working with fondant it tends to dry out very quickly. Rolled chocolate does not dry out as quickly, allowing more time for Kristen to perfect the details of what she is creating!

So the next time you are in the store and one of our staff suggests using rolled chocolate, you will now know exactly what they are talking about!

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